• Quick search for property that meet the requirements of our client thanks to an extensive database and active monitoring of the rental market;
• arranging property viewing;
• consultation on all aspects of the lease;
• preparation of standard contractual documentation (reservation contract, lease / sublease agreement, confirmation of accommodation), including the organization of the signature of the contractual documentation;
• handover of the property, including elaboration on handover protocol;
• support after concluding a lease / sublease agreement during the entire lease term (by agreement).

 ̄ ̄
Real estate commissions

The amount of the remuneration depends on the type and location of the property, it is usually 1-2 monthly rent excluding VAT.

 ̄ ̄
According to the verbal agreement, we can provide the following services for an additional fee:

• change in the lease / sublease agreement after signing
and handing over the property - CZK 500 / hour;
• communication after signing the lease / sublease agreement, including participation in their negotiations - CZK 1,000 / hour;
• settlement of disputes related to the lease of the property - CZK 1,000 / hour (in the event of the need to represent the law firm, the rate according to the law firm's tariff will be added);
• communication with suppliers of services at a distance - 500 CZK / hour;
• personal communication with suppliers of services - CZK 1,000 / hour.

* Every starting hour will be charged as the whole hour.
* Prices are specified without VAT. The amount of VAT is governed by applicable law.