• Consulting and providing information on the current situation in the real estate market and actual tendencies;
• offering a wide range of properties to buy in attractive locations in Prague;
• selection of optimal offers according to specific client requirements;
• flexible schedule of property showings according to the client's convenient time (in case of need the property showings in the evening or on weekends);
• consulting on the transaction process;
• making of an investment plan, including arranging contact with mortgage brokers;
•  assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan;
• collecting the required document (deed of ownership, project documentation, agreements, EPCs, etc.);
• providing analysis of the construction and technical state of the property (engineer reports);
• preparation of standard contractual documentation in several language, including the verifications of signatures;
• arranging attorney escrow accounts (via cooperating attorneys is included in price);
• delivering all required documents to land registry, including stamp;
• handover of the property, including elaboration on handover protocol;
• in the case of the purchase of investment property - finding a tenant and property management service.

 ̄ ̄
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan

Today, banks offer a wide range of services for clients to help them buy own properties. If you are going to buy property and you are not an expert in this field, the whole process can be frustrating and confusing for you. In choosing the right financing model, including interest rates, fixation period, maturity and loan-related costs, such as early repayment fees and other payments associated with account management play a role many factors. Almost every client has his own requirements, priorities, wishes and personal opinion on possible risks.

In case of cooperation with our mortgage broker, you will get a mortgage rate lower than at the bank due to his discount.

In our RK Home Real Estate we provide real estate services and support based only on your needs and concerning only those types of financing that will be most advantageous for You. We offer the services of professional mortgage brokers who will provide you with highly qualified services, namely:

• collecting all necessary documents;
• property valuation;
• non-purpose loans secured by other real estate;
• preparation of purchase agreements in cooperation with the financing bank;
• control of all stages of the loan process - from the application to the conclusion of the agreement;
• delivering all required documents to land registry;
• submission of proof of registered real estate to the financing bank for timely drawdown of the loan.

 ̄ ̄
Real estate commissions

The amount of the remuneration depends on the type and location of the property:

1. usually between 3% and 4% excluding VAT (or 3.63 - 4.84% including VAT) of the total purchase price of the property, or
2. in a fixed amount, independent of the purchase price.